Write Tight, Edit Tough | Yes, you can …Write and Edit like a Business Pro.

Yes, you can …Write and Edit like a Business Pro.


This short (72 page),  simple guide will show you how.  Mostly, it will remind you of what you once learned in school, and how you can apply that familiar knowledge to everyday writing for business. So, you ask, how does Write Tight, Edit Tough® differ from all other writing guides?  

  • It applies the four writing essentials and two editing essentials to any business document you write.
  • It links the essentials to familiar commands every computer user knows, to help you learn quickly.
  • It’s ideal for personal or group study.
  • It’s straightforward, with plenty of “key takeaways” to reinforce what you’ve learned.
  • And it’s important. Why?  The writing abilities of U.S. employees have steadily declined over the past decade, according to several national surveys.*  WriteTight Edit Tough® hopes to reverse this trend by showing business writers how to turn out dynamic, readable copy on every project.

*American Management Association Critical Skills Survey of 768 business executives, updated 01.24.19, found there is significant room for improvement in communication, including the ability to transmit ideas both in written and oral formats. https://www.amanet.org/articles/more-training-in-the-four-cs-still-needed/

*Bad Writing Costs Businesses Billions Josh Bernoff Updated   04.13.17  It’s not just a chore to wade through the badly written memos, emails, and other lousy business communication—this inefficiency costs us insane amounts of  money.” https://www.thedailybeast.com/bad-writing-costs-businesses-billions


Where is Write Tight, Edit Tough® available?

How much?

$9.95 – list price – paperback
$4.99 –  list price – Kindle edition