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What business writers say about Write Tight, Edit Tough®

Write Tight, Edit Tough® is a beacon for lost writers adrift in a sea of words…a small masterpiece.  I learned more than I ever did in English class.

Allan Cox
author of 10 best-selling business books,
including Your Inner CEO

I have edited and proofed colleagues’ articles for 45 years and often yearned for a simple book I could hand writers before they wrote a word to show them how to achieve copy that goes straight to the point. Write Tight, Edit Tough® is that book.

Rebecca Dixon
associate provost (ret.),  Northwestern University

Write Tight, Edit Tough® is essential for business people who expect results from their writing. This practical, easy-to-use book will ramp up your writing skills so every message you deliver packs a “winning” punch. Whether you’re new to business writing or more seasoned, you’ll find this book extremely helpful. It’s a must-read.

Susan Shahoda
director, HR communications, UCLA

I have always been awed by Joan Kufrin’s ability to put intricate thoughts into compelling words or to create an outstanding manuscript–whatever the subject. Write Tight, Edit Tough® eloquently and concisely provides the business person with the best of her business skills.

Ella D. Strubel
executive vice president (ret.), Leo Burnett Worldwide

In the corporate world, Joan Kufrin has a proven track record of writing tight and editing tough, and of coaching others to do the same. Now Joan has created a road map for others to achieve this same goal, consistently, concisely, and across all types of business writing. Do yourself a favor. Read this book and keep it handy while you write.

Lael Lyons
consultant, training and information design
co-author of “Yes, But”…The Top 40 Killer Phrases and How You Can Fight Them

Write Tight, Edit Tough® is an idea useful to any professional, whatever their field of endeavor and a wonderful reference for those who do writing as part of their professional life. The material gets right to the point without wasting words:  the point of the book.  I rediscovered some of what I had learned as a youth and have since forgotten, but was also introduced to new material–such as modals–which I had never been exposed to. It is good work.

Kurt O. Thomsen, Ph.D., PG
environmental consultant
KOT Environmental Consulting, Inc.