Write Tight, Edit Tough | Your Job Depends On It!

Why Write Tight and Edit Tough?

How about because your job depends on it?

    • You need just four essentials to write lean, muscular, targeted  business copy. And two essentials to edit that way. Once you’ve learned these six, anyone, whatever your position at work, can write concise, compelling, to-the-point business copy. Every time. On every project.    It’s a win-win  whether you are
    • a novice writer     
    • an experienced writer wanting to sharpen your skills          
    • a seasoned writer ready to take your expertise to a new level
    • or an employer who requires strong writing skills from every employee but objects to the cost and inconvenience of remedial writing courses.
    • This business writer’s guide by 25-year veteran author and business  communicator, Joan Kufrin,  will show you how to write less…and say more.

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