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About …WriteTight, EditTough®

Write Tight, Edit Tough® is…

the proven writing guide that spells out the only six essentials you’ll ever need to write–and edit–lean, robust, compelling business copy.


How does Write Tight, Edit Tough® differ from all other writing guides?

  • It’s short (72 pages) and straightforward, with plenty of “key takeaways” to reinforce what you’ve learned.
  • It applies the four writing essentials and two editing essentials to any business document you write.
  • It links the essentials to familiar commands every computer user knows, to help you learn quickly.
  • It’s ideal for personal or group study.


Who gains?

  • Novice business writers
  • Experienced business writers, to hone their skills
  • Seasoned writers, to raise their expertise to a new level
  • Employers, who see improved writing by their employees, without the inconvenience and expense of sending them to outside writing classes


Why is this important?

The writing abilities of U.S. employees have steadily declined over the past decade, according to several national surveys.*  WriteTight, EditTough® hopes to help reverse this trend by showing business writers how they can turn out lean, targeted and powerful copy for every project. Every day.  While on the job.


Where is Write Tight, Edit Tough® available?


How much?

$9.95 – list price


 *American Management Association Critical Skills Survey of 768 business executives, 2012

“Global Talent Crisis,” by Edward Gordon, The Futurist, September/October 2009

The College Board’s National Commission on Writing Survey of 120 Business Roundtable corporations, 2004